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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

What is the point of being a Lutheran if you are this "high"?


Or Anglo-Catholic if you are this "high"?

Our Lady of the European Union

Seen in the chapel of Brussels Airport.

Most excellent charity to support!

Brotherhood of Blessed Gerard & Blessed Gerard's Care Centre: How YOU can help us to help

The Two Saints Turibius

St Turibius, Bishop of Astorga and episcopal opponent of the Priscillianists, died 460

Not to be confused with St Turibius, Benedictine Bishop of Palencia, Founder of the Monastery of Liebana. died 528.
Although they seem to have similar iconography and in the calendar share the feastday of April 16.

Clerical hardness of heart

Catholic bishop of Washington DC treats nuns like slaves | Spero News

Red Indian Mass- only the Austrians could go to such extremes