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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Motu Proprio published

more commentary from me published on the website of The Times.

The Mass of All Ages, Once Forbidden but Always Celebrated


Nothing comes except God wills it!

Before all, we must thank Him for this day which has forever been etched into the history books.

God sent three people to the aid of those who despaired. If one of them had not lived, we would probably not been in the position we are in today. Maybe God would have found other instruments of his inscrutable will.

But let us also praise and thank God for firstly,

The Holy Father.

Secondly, for Archbishop Lefebvre, without whose courage the Latin Mass would have eradicated from the face of the earth.

Thirdly, not least among them, Michael Davies.

Let the Te Deums Ring


This was not celebrating the Motu but it could have been!

Now for a little pure unadulterated celebration


BBC NEWS Pope ends Latin Mass restriction

ultra-traditionalists - bad traditionalists good!

Coming soon

commentary on the Motu Proprio on The Times website

The Ratzinger Effect:

Some Bishops just have yet to come to terms with it.

Bishop of Arundel and Brighton, the Rt Rev Kieran Conry

takes first prize as he is the first Bishop in the entire world to see only problems rather than opportunities in the will of the Holy Father.

Feast of the Translation of St Thomas of Canterbury


Remarkable that the Motu Proprio should have been issued on this Feast which commemorates, fifty years after the Saint's death, the removal of his relics from the crypt of Canterbury Cathedral to be placed in the shrine above.

A glory that was hidden then stood revealed.

Thank you to the Holy Father!


The Day of Liberation of the Latin Mass


Feast of Blessed Pope Benedict XI


By remarkable co-incidence.