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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Pro-Abortion UN Leader to Address World Youth Day Pilgrims in Germany

and guess what, what a surprise, the event is supported by the KJG (see earlier report- Wolves in sheep's clothing). I wonder if the KJG can think of any other anti-Catholic idea they can support.

Immaculate Conception Church Holyoke, Mass

How can a Diocese not do everything to support the rescue of this Church?

How can they destroy such a great inheritance?


The altar of the Parish Church in Hartkirchen, Austria, resembles children's play area. When altars look like this, fear for the future

Celebrations for the new altar

Bruges rejects its glorious Catholic past

for the sake of pornography This exhibition was part of the Corpus 2005 for which Churches have been used as exhibition halls.

It was possible to obtain combination tickets for the exhibition in the Episcopal Seminary and the "Between Skin and Orgasm" exhibition. This is an example of one of the works of art on display at the Episcopal Seminary.

And a goodbye even before

WYD starts.

Exhibition of art at WYD

- something else to be avoided at all cost

Today is the Feast of St Lawrence



Freundeskreis Maria Goretti

for those that read German their magazine Information cannot be recommended enough. It is excellent and where I first saw the news about KJGay participation in WYD.