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Monday, June 06, 2005

The Golden Altar in Panama City which was missed by the Welsh pirates. See two posts below. Posted by Hello

All done for

the greater glory of God and his Church

Moving story of Catholicism triumphing in adversity

"This is the house of God and the gate of Heaven" - how POWs built their own Catholic Church in Wales

Dialogue is everything

announces the Bulletin of the Brussels Vicariat. If you believe this, where do you stop. Dialogue with Hitler to make him see reason? These maniacs are so confident of their own powers that they believe that they could achieve this.

Don't make a false god of dialogue! In the process of closing churches, the announced "readiness to dialoque" by the authorities has often been used as a trap, pure and simple.
Basilica Music instead of Catholic Basilica. presents Concert-Masses. The National Shrine to the Sacred Heart in Brussels, Belgium.  Posted by Hello

Pope's last wish ignored

as private papers kept for 'posterity'